Sky Education

Visitor Bag Inserts

Visitors will be required to stop by the Study Care Fairs Registration Desk before entering the venue. We distribute welcome packs, floor plans and inserts in the fair bags to all participants.

This provides an excellent opportunity for your institution to become more visible to the thousands of potential students and parents that visit our fairs.

Sky Education

Online Advertising

 Our official student website www.skyeducation.co (for Azerbaijani, Georgian and Albanian Students) is visited by the students to register for the fair, view the participant institutions list, get information about the study abroad opportunities and become informed about special school promotions that will be offered during the fair.

Your institutions name and logo will be predominately displayed on our official website for 3 months.

Sky Education

E-mail Shot (E-flyer)

 Direct marketing is a quick and cost effective way to communicate with students. Studies show that email is still one of the best ways to reach young people throughout various stages of their academic journey.

Study Care Fairs marketing team will help to improve the results you get from email marketing by filtering our database and sending timely, powerful messages to international students who fit your criteria.

91% of our emails reach a student’s inbox – not their spam box.

Sky Education

Print Brochures

In today’s world, we are aware that exhibitors tend to carry lighter marketing materials. During the fairs we advise you to have a 1 page flyer to distribute rather than having thick brochures. We print your marketing flyer with the artwork you send.

Sky Education

Print Stand Backdrops

Do not carry heavy roll-up banners or x-banners. We print you a display with the artwork you send. Also, we may store your roll-up banners in our local offices for you to use at your next visit.