Sky Education has developed various events exclusively aimed at the high school market, such as International High School Visits to leading international high schools held on-campus either just before or after our main student recruitment fairs in Baku, Azerbaijan


- While you can meet principals and counsellors during these high school visits, if you really want to strengthen your relationships with them, then our International High School Visits are your best bet. These events provide you with an exclusive opportunity to meet and network with K-12 leaders and advisors from Azerbaijan

-  Participant Institutions will be able to meet 10th, 11th and 1th grade students, counselors, principals & parents looking for all types of study programs abroad. The schools to be visited are carefully selected among the best high schools in Baku considering the income level of the families, and also evaluated according to the rate of students studying abroad.

-  Participants will have a table at the high school’s campus, meet prospective students looking for undergraduate degrees, language programs & summer schools. These events will enable schools representatives to network among the top high schools and meet the most qualified students and counselors. 

- During our one-day High School Visits Program, exhibitors will have a chance to visit 3 International High Schools in each city.

Sky Education

What to expect at Sky Education Fairs?

✔️  High Schools licensed by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Albania

✔️  High Schools accredited by the international accreditation institutions

✔️  Professional University and Career Counselors

✔️  Prospective Students and Qualified Staff

✔️   IB (International Baccalaureate), IGCSE, A/S, A-Levels Students

✔️  The language of academic instruction is English